Marketing Your Business

Select Your Target Market

When considering the marketing of your business, the first step is to determine your target audience.

New Clients

Many tourists have never heard of Hout Bay. Some know it from word of mouth. The fact is, that most tourists arrive in Hout Bay purely by coincidence - in other words they drive through.

HOUT-BAY.COM has a strong reach towards new clients, as we not only market a single business, but we market Hout Bay as a special destination in Cape Town.

When potential visitors search for Cape Town, HOUT-BAY.COM comes up as one of the options. When a visitor finds the HOUT-BAY.COM platform, they immediately have the most common tourist interests - accommodations, restaurants, bars and attractions - at their disposal.

Existing Local Clients

Existing local clients may already know your business. That does not imply that you will get them as a client, though. Especially in categories like restaurants, bars or beauty treatments people have the tendency to select what they already know. If one would like to enjoy new clients, one needs to actively attract them.

On HOUT-BAY.COM you can attract new business by providing an attractive description and selected pictures of your business. Our mapping feature show will show your potential clients where you are, which is helpful as adresses like "Main Road" or "Victoria Ave." are often not sufficient. In addition, the mapping feature shows potential clients which businesses are close to their current location.

Optimize Your Business Listing

The best way to market your business is by upgrading your free business listing to a Premium Listing. The Premium Listing provides you with the following advantages:

  • Ability to place 4 color (or B/W if you prefer) pictures of your business on this website
  • Add your logo to your listing
  • A text description of your choice, which describes your business
  • Meta Tags, which help your business to be found on Google and other search engines
  • Display the opening times of your business
  • Show your URL (domain name), which links directly to your website
  • Show a Youtube or Vimeo video of your business
  • Ability to have your special events listed

Last but not least, Premium Listings rank higher in the search categories Accomodations, Restaurants, Bars and Vineyards.

Low Marketing Costs

The cost of a Premium Listing is only R 1,400.00 per year.

Please contact us at to arrange your Premium Listing.